Snift Gift Points2022-04-10T10:45:10+00:00


Snift your way to exclusive rewards!

Introducing a new way to save money on your Snifty purchases! Sign up for our Snift Gift Points (SGPs) programme and you can get awesome deals to bag yourself some free Snift swag.


Sign Up Bonus 1500
Follow Us on Instagram 500
Subscribe To The Snift List 500
Share On Facebook 500
Birthday Bonus 1500
Refer A Friend 3000
Post a Review 1500
Spend £1 120


£1 off at checkout 1500
Free Refill 10000
Free Inhaler 18000
Free Refill 3 Pack 20000
Free Inhaler 3 Pack 40000


Easily manage your account by using the ‘rewards’ tab on the lower right of every page!


How do I get £2 off my first order?2021-06-07T14:35:42+00:00

Simply sign up (1500SGPs), follow us on Instagram (500SGPs), subscribe to the Snift List (500SGPs) and share our post on Facebook (500SGPs). You’ll see an option to use these 3000SGPs for £2 off your order on the cart page or at checkout.

Do I get points for my first purchase?2021-06-07T14:35:48+00:00

Yes! You earn 120SGPs for every £1 spent, even if you’re redeeming points in that transaction.

I have 2500SGPs but can only get £1 off my order?2021-06-07T14:35:53+00:00

SGPs can only be redeemed in multiples of 1500 to get whole numbers of pounds off your order. For example 1500/3000/4500 SGPs for £1/£2/£3 off your subtotal.

Do I earn points on shipping costs?2021-06-07T14:36:11+00:00

No, points are only earned on the subtotal of your order (ie. the price before shipping is added).

How do I claim money off my order?2021-07-04T13:37:09+00:00

You will see a button on both the cart and checkout page to exchange points for money off, if your points balance is high enough to do so.

How do I exchange points for free stuff?2021-06-07T14:36:34+00:00

Select whichever item you would like to exhange points for on the ‘claim’ tab on the rewards screen. A voucher code will display that you can enter at checkout for your free Snift swag! The code will also be emailed to you for use at a later date.

How long are SGP vouchers valid for?2021-06-07T14:36:40+00:00

SGP vouchers are valid for 30 days after issue.